Going 4th

The 4th of July holiday is pretty much a do-it-yourself affair when it comes entertainment. I know a bazillion people will plop themselves down on the Esplanade tomorrow for the Pops concert and fireworks. I’d rather pick up road kill on the highway for 8 hours than do that! You can also watch it on TV — but honestly is there anything more lame than watching fireworks on TV! If you must see Teeth Lockhart and John Mellenhead hit the free dress rehearsal tonight.

Newton’s John Krasinski graduates from “The Office” to the big screen in “License to Wed” which opens just about everywhere today. Most reviews have been pretty brutal. A.O. Scott in The New York Times calls is the worst movie he’s seen this year! Yikes. Too bad because I like Krasinski, and his co-star Mandy Moore is kind of goofy and sweet. You’d think Robin Williams as a manic Minister would be on solid comic ground, but apparently not.

The passing of Beverly Sills is a major loss for music lovers of any genre. She brought opera to the people with a smile and an embrace. R.I.P.

I’ll be back on Thursday. Have a great 4th.


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