Emmy-nence Front

“Everything Comes Down to Poo,” that’s one of the nominees for outstanding original music and lyrics in the 2007 Emmy Awards chase, and it pretty much sums up my feelings about the annual event. Don’t get me wrong, that tune came from one of the more inspired episodes of one of the best comedies on television, “Scrubs.” In fact that series roared back to life this year, and the “Scrubs” musical was the high point. So, was the show itself nominated for an Emmy? No. Was anyone in the cast — a brilliant ensemble by any measure — nominated for an Emmy? No. Was Charlie Sheen nominated for an Emmy? Yes. That’s why I hate the Emmys.

Sorry, but I just can’t take the schizoid nature of the nomination process. Sheen’s show, “Two And A Half Men” is such an uninspired mess. There is absolutely nothing special about it. The writing is lazy and insulting, the acting is so bad I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if someone yelled out “line please” during a scene. Why do another take when the audience clearly doesn’t care enough to demand better. So how can you get excited for the other nominees in Sheen’s category when he stinks it up like five day old fish?

Alright, enough bashing let’s look at some of the more promising developments. Huge Laurie was nominated for “House,” making up for a ludicrous omission last year. Neil Patrick Harris grabbed a nomination for “How I Met Your Mother,” very well deserved. “Ugly Betty” was nominated for best comedy and America Ferrera was nominated for her work in the title role. I personally think “Ugly Betty” should be in the drama category. Can anyone tell me what makes “Boston Legal” a drama and “Ugly Betty” a comedy? Just another reason to love the Emmys.

Let’s wrap this up with a few quick hits:

  • Nice touch that Masi Oka grabbed a nomination for “Heroes,” he’s the real heart of that show not the cheerleader.
  • Bravo for Michael Emerson who plays the creepy Ben on “Lost.”
  • Sally Field was nominated for “Brothers And Sisters” — oh please.
  • Kiefer Sutherland inexplicably picked up another nod for “24.”
  • Tina Fey did a great job with “30 Rock,” and wacky Alec Baldwin joins her on the Emmy list. Let’s all voice mail our congratulations to his cell phone.

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