Police Log

Okay, so you’re going to see The Police at Fenway this weekend — you’re gonna see a great show, but man are you paying for it. Anyway, here’s some stuff you might want to consider.

  • If you’re seats are along the right field or left field line, watch out for your knees. The seats at Fenway are set to face home plate, not deep center field. That means you have to turn against the grain to face the stage. Doesn’t sound like much of a big deal, but believe me it is. Once the concert starts you won’t be spending much time on your fanny, but be prepared for some awkward body positions.
  • Of course the best seats to be in are the field seats, unless of course a thunderstorm moves through. Bring a small umbrella that you won’t mind losing. If you get soaked it’s going to be a long uncomfortable night.
  • Don’t expect a lot of stage banter from Sting and the boys, they let their music do the talking — generic, “Are you having a good time Boston” is about all you’re gonna get.
  • The opening act is the band Fiction Plane which is fronted by Sting’s son Joe. He plays bass too. It could be deadly.

There are other options. Forget Kenny Chesney at Gillette Stadium tomorrow it’s WAY sold out — that show is actually a much hotter ticket than The Police. If you really want to catch Sting’s kid, Fiction Plane is at The Paradise tonight. Go — then warn others!

Also, ex-X frontman John Doe is a T.T. the Bear’s in Cambridge tonight — on second thought, forget the Stinglette, go see John Doe!

Silverchair returns with a whole new sound, they’re at The Paradise on Sunday. It’s not the grunge thing anymore so if you go hoping to hear “Frogstomp” stuff you’ll be very disappointed.

And just for the quirk factor, actor Danny Aiello is crooning at Regattabar in Cambridge tomorrow night. Papa don’t preach indeed!

Have a great weekend.


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