Big Whoop

So, it’s official Whoppi Goldberg is the new moderator of the ABC coffee clatch “The View.” Now that the worst kept secret in broadcasting has been revealed, what can we make of Barbara Walter’s executive decision? Inspired? — no. Controversial? — no. A post-Rosie stroke of genius — no. A Band-aid solution to a severed limb? — bingo.

Rosie O’Donnell, for all her bluster and self-promotion, brought an energy and edge to “The View” that it never had before. It morphed from a politically correct suburban tea room into an independent java joint. Right or wrong, Rosie set a challenging agenda, and the rest of the gals went along for the ride. Only Joy Behar proved up to the test. Barbara remains an insufferable bore with her passive-aggressive thing. Then there’s Elisabeth — dear Elisabeth Hasselbeck. So shrill, so self-important, so predictable. Of course she and Rosie hated each other — it was also the only reason to watch.

Now Whoppi gets her shot in the moderator’s chair, and I feel kind of bad for her. She’s a talented lady but in a world weary, sadder but wiser way. You can’t get much more layed back than Whoppi, and if you’re a social moderate you’re going to pretty much agree with everything she says. That might make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but it’s not going to make for great television.

So, nice going Barabra — but I think your going to need a bigger band-aid.


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