Gold Standard

I have to say right out of the gate that I have no formal training in dance or choreography … I do, however, know a thing or two about talent, passion, excellence, and creativity … so I write this blog about The Gold School in Brockton from that perspective. I had the incredible pleasure of attending a benefit performance by members of the Gold School at Whitman-Hanson High School this past weekend. The sights, sounds, and energy from that night are still, literally dancing in my head. “Dance Art” is how the school describes its vocation, and that promise is delivered in stunning ways.

The show I saw was called “Moves/one peace…one world.” It was produced by Gold School Director Rennie Gold, and directed and designed by Larry Sousa. Sousa is an award winning director, choreographer, set designer, performer, and teacher — he’s also a Gold School alum who connects with young performers in an amazing way. In this show he skillfully weaved young children just getting their first taste of stage performance with young adults in full command of their powerful and graceful bodies — a true collaboration of athlete and artist.

Using a mostly bare stage, with projections of words and images in sync with the various pieces, the dancers captivated the audience in groups large and small. The music was classic and contemporary — the costumes ranging from blazing orange to simple black and white — the performers proudly representing their diverse ethnic backgrounds. Some had classic dancer’s bodies, others did not, but it didn’t matter — in fact it made the company more real and affecting. For me the most magical piece of the night was two young brothers dancing together … their joy and skill propelled by the music. Moments like that just don’t happen … it takes people with vision and commitment to plant the creative seeds. That’s what’s happening at The Gold School.

So, to all the folks behind this wonderful evening, congratulations and Bravo! If you live in the Brockton area or have a child interested in dance at the highest level, look up the people at The Gold School, and give them your support.


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