Super Tuesday (For Cool Stuff)

Who woulda thunk a Tuesday in late August would provide such a bounty of cool stuff? I’m not asking why, I’m just celebrating.

Let’s start with video games. “Bioshock” for Xbox 360 and PC. It’s a dark, dystopian adventure game for mature gamers that makes you think as much as shoot. The early reviews have been glowing (pun intended), some calling it the most important game of the year. It was also developed right here in the Boston area at Irrational Games/2K in Quincy.

On to Music. New CD from Rilo Kiley called “Under the Blacklight.” The indie kids move up to a big label (Warner Brothers) but don’t expect any corporate sell out. This group continually pushes their sound in new directions. I’ll buy it without hearing a track. If you’re into genre-busting music, then “Kala” the new CD from M.I.A. is a solid bet. Expect big beats, hip hop grooves, and a complex world view from an MC with roots in both Britain and Sri Lanka. Challenging, controversial, and totally now.

In concert. Rufus Wainwright holds court at Avalon tonight. Lots of lush, intelligent pop. He’ll play forever too so you’ll get your money’s worth. He can be a bit of a challenge for straight guys, but fellas the gals love him! So put on your best metro-sexual game face and go. Over at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge a classic rock trio from the Netherlands is headlining — they’re called Drive Like Mary.

And on the tube. HBO has Kenneth Branagh’s latest dip into the Shakespearean canon. “As You Like It” stars Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron’s daughter), Kevin Kline and Alfred Molina. It’s also set in 19th-century Japan! Gotta see it.

Guess the summer doldrums are really over. Sweet.


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