Play It Cool Boston

It’s the last weekend in August and it’s going to be hot and steamy in Boston. So today I have a double-edged plea for coolness in the Hub. Drink lots of fluids, and if you see one of the stars’ currently shooting a film in town don’t act like some backwater dolt.

Cast and crew of “The Women” and “Bachelor Number 2” are at work right now — soon Steve Martin’s Pink Panther sequel will pay a visit. You may have seen pictures in the Globe and Herald of Kate Hudson and Jason Biggs. Meg Ryan is apparently running around somewhere. That’s great for the city and the economy, and the Boston area offers so much character as a film setting. But let’s leave it at that. Don’t get in the way and stare like a simpleton just because some Hollywood-types are in the zip code. They’re actors — big deal.

I’m doing my best to smash the altar of celebrity worship (that means athletes too Tom Brady). I realize these people do colorful things for a living, but they’re just folks. If we’d only respect our school teachers, nurses, and social workers as much. Everyone who does their job with excellence deserves recognition. It doesn’t mean I have less respect for actors — it means I consider them working stiffs just like you and me.

So if you see Kate and Dax Shepard pushing the old stroller around the Common, please smile and say hi — but for god’s sake don’t ask for an autograph. And if you pass a landscape crew on the Common — do the same thing.


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