Viva Las Ren Faire

Ah, September in New England. Warm days, cool nights, the first hints of fall color — and the Ren Faire’s back! Yes, nothing can stop King Richard’s Faire and it’s annual tent raising in the Carver cranberry bogs. Tacky? — sure. Historically accurate? — please. A compelling mash-up of theatre-meets-carnival-meets tattoo parlor-meets petting zoo-meets flea market? — yeah, that’s about right. Oh, and don’t forget the giant turkey drum sticks! Hey, I like Anime Conventions and the spirit of camaraderie — and cosplay — seems to translate well. Anyway, King Richard’s Faire opens this weekend and runs through October 21 — throw on the old chain mail vest and give it a shot!

Here’s a few other weekend nuggets:

Tickets are still available for the Jimmy Buffett concert at Gillette Stadium on Sunday. This is unusual because his shows are often early and complete sell outs (in the attendance sense not the musical!). Gillette is actually a pretty good place to see a show … far better than the old Foxborough Stadium. Of course, for Buffett the best show is often in the parking lot! And believe me, give yourself a good hour and a half to clear Route 1 after the show.

Sam Adams Octoberfest is on the shelves now too. I think it’s the best beer they produce. A little hint though, don’t stick it in a chest of ice, this isn’t freakin’ Coor’s Light! It’s best right around 40 degrees — that’s when you can really appreciate the complexity. Yum.

Susan Tedeschi plays the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom tonight. She’s a rock and blues powerhouse, and she shreds on guitar. Go!

Finally, I’m no giant fan of Guitar Center — I hate all that corporate cool they try to impress you with — but on Labor Day there’s some really good deals to be had, especially on used and nicked-up stuff. It’s worth checking out.

Have a safe and fun holiday weekend.


One Response

  1. Ah the Renaissance Fair at King Richards is more the merrier! Go and enjoy yourselves!

    Don’t forget there will be champagne with strawberries, and men in tights for the ladies, and wenches galore…

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