No Kid-ing

It’s another dreary day .. I’m tired … and for some reason I feel like venting about Kid Rock! Is it the Rolling Stone cover? The Newsweek feature? Maybe. Mostly I think it’s the unfairness of a world class jackass like Mr. Bob Ritchie getting any kind of attention at all.

How many worthy bands will break up in frustration while this knuckle dragger cashes checks for millions of dollars? I know the world isn’t fair … but does it have to be so obvious.

On a more positive note, episode two of “Pushing Daisies” was a delight. Kristin Chenoweth doing a sweet Olivia Newton John tribute. This show is so weird and wonderful … please keep watching.

Tonight at Johnny D’s in Somerville it’s FODfest. It’s a musical tribute to the late Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl who was murdered by terrorists in Pakistan. Besides being a courageous reporter, Pearl was also an amateur musician and deeply enjoyed the Berkshire music scene. FOD, by the way stands for Friends of Danny. Expect some heartfelt indie and roots rock.

Finally, Radiohead’s new album, “In Rainbows,” is now available on the group’s website. It’s download only, and you decide the price. These guys are brilliant, innovative, and fearless … please support them accordingly.


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