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Sometimes the best way to put a blog entry together is not to try too hard. With the Red Sox in the playoffs the work load in the old news department is pretty thick, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention to the old pop culture beat. Here’s some random thoughts.

I didn’t get to attend the Smashing Pumpkins concerts at The Orpheum, but there’s been quite a bit of buzz from people who did. I love the stuff the Billy Corgan put together for “Siamese Dream” and “Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness” –but that’s pretty much where it ended for me. All the nastiness connected to the breakup of the original quartet, and Billy’s megalomania really spoiled the whole thing for me. Forgive my marketing cynicism, but Corgan brings in a female bassist to replace D’arcy — the smoking hot and very talented Ginger Reyes — but then doesn’t even bother to introduce her, or anyone else, during the first show. Nice. During the Mellon Collie tour Corgan used to wear a t-shirt with the word zero spelled out across the chest. Bingo.

Led Zeppelin is finally releasing its catalog to iTunes. That’s cool. I’ll definitely pick up a few choice tracks, but no full Cd’s. I know this is rock and roll blasphemy, but I’ve never been that wild about Led Zep. I put them in the same category as The Doors — endlessly overpraised.

Jimmy Eat World, a band I feel doesn’t get enough credit, has a new album out this week called “Chase This Light.” I’ve got all their stuff, yes I even have my pre-9/11 copy of “Bleed American” — this group is smart, independent, and worth your time.

Heads up for you Boston theatre fans, “Sweeney Todd” opens at the Colonial Theatre next week. This re-imagining of the Stephen Sondheim classic is lean, mean, and vital. Trust me, get your tickets now, and we’ll talk more after the show opens.

Finally, how about a shout out for Oreo flavor Klondike Bars. Yesssssss.


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