Show Kelly Some Love Tonight

A show originally scheduled for the massive, and mind-numbingly boring TD Banknorth Garden, finds itself at the compact, and endearingly messed up Orpheum. Kelly Clarkson, the Texas bar room belter who charmed the nation and won the first American Idol competition rolls into the Hub tonight.

Our Kelly is battle tested now, and I’m not talking about surviving Simon — she’s gone nose to nose with record company drones over artistic integrity and the direction she wants to take her career. The industry can claim she’s their creation, but you know what, only Kelly herself can deliver the goods — and you know what. She does.

I’m an indie rock guy, for the most part, but I really enjoy Clarkson’s brand of power pop. “Since U Been Gone” is a solid song, but Kelly’s vocals turned it into a tour de force. Anyone who’s been on a one way street in a relationship can feel the cathartic defiance she brings to it. If some of the material on her new CD “My December” doesn’t have the instant catchiness, well that’s the way it goes sometimes. This was an album she needed to make.

Also, some music wags have taken some shots at the fact that a lot of tweener girls will take in this show with their moms. You know what I say? Rock on moms! Good for you for taking your kids to an honest to goodness rock show. Clarkson isn’t some phony mall rat lip-syncher, she’s going to challenge her band and her audience. She’s a young woman everyone can relate to, blemishes included.

A word of advise for Kelly, who likes to perform bare foot — not a great idea at the Orpheum!

Tear it up kid!


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