Flyer Fodder

I don’t mean to get all Andy Rooney on you, but I like to whip through the big box flyers in the Sunday newspaper. You can learn a lot about what’s hot in the entertainment world — what’s not — and what’s just hit the bargain bin.

Okay. So what did we learn this week?

Well complete sets of once mighty TV series’ are big. “Seinfeld” is all there for the taking, at $180. Nice to have every episode, but you lose the randomness of watching the repeats on TV. It’s like playing the lottery, “Master of the Universe” episode — you’re a winner. Some awkward Season One snoozer — you lose. Also, in a weird way, commercials actually help the pacing of “Seinfeld” — the breaks let you savor a particularly good bit. I love the show, but I’m cool catching it on the fly.

How about the complete “X-Files” — 61 discs worth! Unlike “Seinfled” this show was at it’s best in the early going. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson were so young! The budget was tight before this series got big, and character and atmosphere ruled. In its last years it was just a bloated, unholy mess. So, now they want $250 for the whole enchilada. Ask yourself, “Am I really gonna watch this thing start to finish?” Spend that $250 on some sun block and a good pair of hiking boots and get outside for a change!

There’s also the 32-disc complete “Full House” collection — $120. I wonder how much cow manure $120 would buy? That’s really not a fair comparison because the manure actually serves a purpose.

Sony’s dropped the price of the Playstation 3 to $400. Just think, you could be one of the two dozen people who’ve bought one in the last year!

Speaking of games, “Guitar Hero III” and “Rock Band” are going to be enormous this holiday season. I admit, they’re a gas, but please at least consider trying the real thing. Rock on.


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