Garden Party: Meet Bruce Dane

The TD Banknorth Garden has quite the weekend on tap. A Dane Cook double header on Saturday night — Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band on Sunday. Tickets are pretty scarce — to say the least — true believers for both acts are legion.

Let’s start with Bruce. At 58 he can still put on a show that would leave musicians half his age gasping for breath. Unlike, say The Police, he isn’t just throwing a buffet of tasty hits into the microwave. Nope, Bruce is serving up new, topical material. The songs on his current CD “Magic” run from instant classic, “Radio Nowhere” to filler-esque “Your Own Worst Enemy.” He’s got a least 5 killer tracks from that album alone that will sound great in concert, and — if you haven’t heard — he’s got a hit or two from his earlier work! Bruce is still at the height of his powers as a performer, anyone lucky enough to see this show will be richly rewarded.

Dane isn’t quite as easy to categorize as a performer. He’s a local, Arlington, payed his dues at the Kowloon and other glamour-free venues. He has the same handsome, blue collar appeal as Ben Affleck and Matt Damon — his observational humor is solid but far from breakthrough. Still, he connects with his audience in an amazing way — they totally get him and what he’s riffing on. He also isn’t afraid to promote himself — perhaps you saw his baseball promos on Fox a thousand times or so during the October playoffs. Uncle!

Anyway, both acts are pretty darn hot right now, and with the Celtics riding an unbeaten streak — the Garden is turning into a November greenhouse these days.


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