Boston Music Awards: Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

On Saturday night at the Orpheum the Boston Music Awards will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the event. Celebrate really isn’t the right word, this event has a pretty checkered history. Squabbles, walkouts, slights real and imagined. The idea is to honor all the different types of music that’s tied to the city — sounds like a good idea, but it’s a lot like inviting a vegan to a barbecue. Some styles just don’t mix well, so unless you revel in the snarky glee of seeing The Click Five in the same room as Killswitch Engage you’re probably better off reading about this event than attending it.

Anyway, there are some very deserving nominees on the roster that I’d like to give a shout out to. There’s also some bottom feeders on the guest list who deserve a little dressing down.

Let’s be positive first. Buffalo Tom returned to the local, and national scene in a big way this year. The new CD “Five Easy Pieces” is as solid as anything from their “Let Me Come Over” glory days. Dinosaur Jr also proved that their current reunion is no nostalgia tour. Welcome back guys. The Dropkick Murphys also kept pumping out their barroom punk, and the extra attention from Red Sox Nation only sweetened the deal. The rock assault that is Bang Camaro is also getting some traction nationally.

It’s great to have Paula Cole back. Patty Griffin delivered a terrific new CD in 2007 “Children Running Through” and Lori McKenna proved she’s got the goods to be a lasting force in country music. Aimee Mann and Juliana Hatfield continue to make music their way, following their hearts instead of the charts.

Okay, I’ve been nice for too long in this blog. Bobby Brown is supposed to “perform” at Saturday’s show — this is not going to be pretty. Augustana has a hit called “Boston” and that was enough to get them an invite — isn’t that a little desperate? Rumor has it that former WBCN program director Oedipus is going to get an award — are you kidding me, for what?! He turned one of the best rock stations in the country into a fetid frat house. Boo him off the stage!

I like many differnt types of music, but the Boston Music Awards throws them all together at once. It’s a case of more — is less.


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