The Facts Are These: Daisies Grows On You

Until “Lost” returns — and that “Idol” thing — the only can’t miss show on television right now is “Pushing Daisies.” Okay, you can make an argument for “House” but the competition ends there. “Daisies” hits right smack in the middle of the work week, and darn if it doesn’t kickstart the run toward the weekend. The show still takes more chances than 10 other prime time shows combined.

I admit I wasn’t sure “Pushing Daisies” could sustain itself after its stellar opening episodes. The storyline is so totally foreign to American television. Death and whimsy — who’d ever thought they would work so well together?

So, how about we do a little character reassessment now that we’ve got a solid stack of episodes behind us?

Ned – If you don’t dig the piemaker you’re not going to stick with the show. Lee Pace continues to tweak PD’s central character. He’s added some decidedly darker shades of late — not being able to touch the girl you love can do that to a fellow. Ned is needy, which can be grating at times, but his determination to do the right thing keeps him in the viewer’s good graces.

Chuck – Like Ned, the Dead Girl comes packed with quirks both endearing and annoying. Anna Friel tries to spice up this sweetie pie with varying degrees of success. The kid’s got spunk, but sometimes I feel like the adorable outfits and doe eyes are holding the character back. I’d like to see a little more woman — and a little less child.

Olive – Admit it. Name another actress who chews up the scenery as unabashedly as Kristin Chenowith? The girl is just out of control in PD and I love it. Her cleavage borders on the hypnotic in most episodes. Olive may be the third wheel in the PD relationship game, but she often keeps the storyline from hitting the wall.

Emerson Cod – PD’s MVP. Best lines. Best clothes. Best ‘tude. Chi McBride is a revelation as the cynical private detective. Just when the show is about to give you a toothache from being so sweet , Emerson shows up to do a little dental work — hold the Novocaine.

Thank you Bryan Fuller for giving ABC a show worth talking and laughing about. It’s great trying to figure out just what is going to happen next.


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