So, blog boy what do you want for Christmas?


You mean a watch? Rolex, Breitling, TAG?

No just time. The one thing that’s always so short during the holiday rush. Time to sit down and listen to a new CD — and I mean sit down and listen. Not drive to work and listen. Not write a blog and listen. Just listen. Maybe even look at the booklet that came with it! Such luxuries.

What about a late movie with that special someone? You know, no work tomorrow, doesn’t matter what time we get in. Last minute Chinese takeout. Eating out of the box. Actually talking about the movie beyond the plot lines. The little things. The costumes. The set design. The writing. You know, stuff you can only discuss when you have — time.

Coffee and live music always works too. The jazz quartet with an eggnog latte. The old folkie with the battered — but much loved — Martin guitar. A few originals with the cover tunes. Maybe spike that eggnog to make the music flow even better. All possible — but only with time.

So, pick up the new Rivers Cuomo CD “Alone – The Home Recordings” — see the movie “Atonement” — and if you live in the Merrimack Valley, maybe check out The Java Room in Chelmsford.

Hope you can find the time.


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