Marrow Casting

I consider restaurants a form of entertainment — you remember a good dining experience like you remember a good movie or play. It’s no secret why so many waiters and waitresses are actors — it’s performance art at a very intimate level. Instead of a script they have a menu, and it’s their job to sell it.

So, I have to admit, I had a jaw dropping experience while reading Devra First’s restaurant review in the Boston Globe “Calendar” section today. Her recommended appetizer at “La Voile” on Newbury Street — Bone marrow served with toasted bread! Yeah, it’s a fancy French restaurant and all — but, bone marrow! There’s a picture and everything — big sections of beef bone, with what looks like parsley sticking out — and a spoon! I know a certain Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Mia who would dig in without hesitation, but I’m not so sure.

Devra insists “the flavor is clean, like a gentle beef broth, not at all gamey.” That’s good new because it couldn’t look more gamey! Yikes!

To be fair, the entree Devra recommends looks absolutely wonderful … a roasted free-range chicken with a little cocotte of creamy mashed potatoes. I have no idea what a cocotte is, but it makes me feel like a real foodies writing it.

So, if I ever find myself sitting down at “La Voile” I’ll be sure to order the chicken — but not the marrow.

Do you think they have toasted ravioli?


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