Hot Stove, Cool Music

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein’s Hot Stove, Cool Music series hits the stage of The Paradise this weekend. Old Theo has proven himself to be one of the best minds in baseball — John Henry’s prodigious bank account hasn’t hurt either — and he’s also an ardent backer of the local music scene. He’s raised more than a million dollars for his Foundation To Be Named Later, a noble effort for a young man who actually wants to share his success. He walks the walk.

Anyway, Saturday night features an eclectic mix including Eli “Paperboy” Reed, Spookie Daly Pride and DeSol. The heavy hitters arrive on Sunday as Lori McKenna, Kay Hanley (mercifully freed from the Hannah Montana tour), Dear Leader and many more knock out some tunes. Theo, who knows his way around a Gibson SG and a Fender Strat, will also lay down a lick or two. Baseball guru Peter Gammons, another amazing ax man, will do the same.

I know Theo gets plenty of props for Hot Stove, Cool music — and he gets to hang with visiting rock stars — but the guy really does love music, and the important role it plays in a community. Drop by the Dise this weekend and show you support.


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