Writing Off The Globes

Just for time stamp purposes, I’m writing this blog at 10:45 AM on Monday morning. Why is that important? Well, I’m about to give my prediction on whether the “Golden Globes” will be presented on Sunday night (January 13th). An official announcement is due this afternoon, but I’m telling you unless the writers strike is settled in the next few hours — the Globes will not go on.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which hosts the “Globes” is a shady organization to begin with. For years, this show was the sort of K-Mart Oscars, but when NBC began giving it the big time star treatment, the event started to thrive. The mix of TV and movie stars was cool, and the fact that the nominees were sitting at tables, with the bubbly freely flowing, made for some wacky moments. It was great publicity for the stars and their projects — but nobody really cares if they win or lose (it’s not the Oscar’s folks). Everyone’s there just to be seen — and have a good time.

Without stars, however, there’s no show. The writers will set up a picket line, and the stars, wisely, won’t cross. You don’t bite the hand that writes for you! If the show went on it would be like a food convention where they only showed you the menus! Not gonna happen. Oh, and the same deal goes for The Academy Awards too.

So, that’s where I stand on this — no settlement, no show. We’ll know if I’m right in a few hours. Let’s see what happens.

Here’s another time stamp for you, this item crossed the Associated Press wire at 6:40 PM on Monday January 7, 2008.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – “The Hollywood Foreign Press Association says
Sunday’s traditional Golden Globe Awards ceremony has been canceled
and will be replaced with a news conference format.”

Now if I could only predict lottery numbers!


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