Keep On Running

There’s talk that actress Katie Holmes will give the Boston Marathon a try this coming April. I’d take an excruciating climb up Heartbreak Hill over down time with Tom Cruise too! Seriously, she seems like a sweet kid, no threat to Meryl Streep’s legacy, but a sweet kid. Why she ever hitched her wagon to that control freak I’ll never know. We’ve all gotta make out choices.

Nutty as he is, T.C. does have talent. The same can’t be said for Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The designated conservative on “The View” returned to the morning yak fest this week. Let’s get this straight, her main professional accomplishment is being a popular contestant on “Survivor.” That qualifies her for what exactly? I think someone who’s given a daily national soapbox should bring a little more to the table.

That’s my stand.


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