Hasty Decisions

So, pass the brie Chaz, Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals has picked their Man and Woman of the Year. And not just some vulgar street performers Bev, a couple of Oscar winners.

Yes, actress Charlize Theron is the Woman of the Year — yawn.

Christopher Walken is the Man of the Year — smile.

They’ll get their pudding pots, and face time with cross-dressing preppies next month. It can be a lot of fun — with Walken I’m sure it will be. He’s so weird and wonderful. After his work in the movie “Hairspray” he knows a little bit about working with guys in drag too! Walken is a gamer and will revel in the highfalutin cheese of it all (see, I earned that earlier fromage reference).

Theron could surprise, but I doubt it. She’ll be tall, beautiful and dull. She’s always struck me as someone who’s desperate for artistic validation. Relax girl, you’re good — but it’s show biz, get over yourself.

A day before Charlize arrives, the bad boys and girls at the Harvard Lampoon will “honor” Paris Hilton with the “Hastiest Pudding of the Lampoon Award.” Now that’s funny. You know the “Paris on the Charles” story will trump the Charlize event.

That’s a hard lesson, but hey — it’s Harvard.


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