A Little Spice

As any chef knows, fresh spices can make all the difference. That dusty jug of nutmeg you bought at Costco five years ago may not be your best bet for french toast on Sunday morning. But what about the musical equivalent — the Spice Girls? It’s been more than a decade since they took the pop music world by storm, then disappeared like a summer breeze a few years later.

They’re back, more Spice Moms than Spice Girls, but ready to give a generation of twenty-somethings a nostalgia trip. Tonight, it’s the TD Banknorth Garden that hosts the reunion tour. I can’t imagine there’d be more than a handful of tweens and teens at the show — you really had to be there to truly understand the phenomena. It’ll be like trying to explain the Hannah Montana thing fifteen years from now.

I must admit I do have a soft spot for the Spice Girls. My daughter was in elementary school when Spice-mania hit our shores — she loved the whole Girl Power thing. I remember thinking, “I hope the whole fashion thing doesn’t take hold” — but the music was pure bubblegum fun. These 5 Brits had a little something for every taste — you knew the act couldn’t sustain itself for very long, but you went along for the ride anyway.

So, it’s victory lap time for the Spice Girls. Older, wiser, and in Victoria Beckham’s case, certainly richer. If you’re going tonight, just let it all go for a couple of hours. If the gals meant a lot to you in your younger days, show ’em some love. The music may be dated — but memories are timeless.


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