Nobody’s Perfect

I know this is a tough day for Patriots fans, and I’m as disappointed as anyone, but I’m not depressed. I’ve alway felt that the quest for perfection is much more important that actually attaining it. We live in an imperfect world, and we all have our flaws.

Sure it would have been great to see the Pat’s go 19-0 — but then what? Would they become a group of bitter old crones like the 1972 Dolphins? You know “spygate” would be thrown in their faces every time the perfect season was mentioned. What’s the motivation for next season? To be more perfect? I’m not sure that’s possible — flawless is flawless, right?

If the Patriots won the Super Bowl last night they would have been undefeated — not perfect. Tom Brady and his supermodel girlfriend would have had another reason to preen in front of a mirror. Bill Belichick would have remained the paranoid guru of the modern day NFL, with no other coach fit to carry his grey hoodie. Owner Bob Kraft would have had another banner to hang at the “Big Razor”, and another reason to hike prices on anything and everything Patriots.

I’ve been a Patriots fans all my life, and you know what my favorite Patriots item is? My hat with the old school “Pat” Patriot logo on it. It’s my way of showing my team pride without promoting the corporate soulessness of the “Flying Elvis.” The pre-Kraft family Patriots were an unholy mess — far from perfect, but I still loved ’em. Successful seasons back then were cause for celebration because they were so unexpected. In a weird way, I think I like this year’s team better because they fell short.

Welcome back to the real world guys. Nice to see you again.


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