Spring Forward Thinking

OK, the horrible, horrible clock change thing is behind us — we’ll all be adjusted in a day of two, but that hour of sleep that was taken, that’s gone for good. So wrong. Don’t get me wrong I love a little more light in the evening — just don’t mess with my Z’s.

From Z’s we move to Q — as in Avenue Q. Broadway’s Tony Award winner is finally getting a Boston run, and I can’t think of a better way for grown ups to put a little spring in their Spring. Wait a minute you say, an edgy slice of life delivered by puppets? Oh yeah — plus some of the smartest songwriting you’ll ever hear. I’m reviewing the show this Friday, but I feel safe in giving you the heads up, to snap up tickets now. The show opens Tuesday at the Colonial Theatre and runs through March 23.

St. Patrick’s Day will be here before you know it, and you can get a jump on the celebration this Friday at Symphony Hall when the Chieftains light up the joint. There’ll be singin’ and dancin’ and all kinds of carryin’ on. Let’s just hope the folks from Channel 2 aren’t there — ’cause you know if they are, they’ll spoil all the memories by turning it into a pledge-a-thon come August. Stick with Andre Rieu, WGBH and let us enjoy the Chieftains in peace.

If you’ve got a friend who’s a Parrothead, make sure you DON”T decide to give them a ring around 10:00 AM tomorrow morning. That’s because that’s when tickets for Jimmy Buffett’s annual visit to the Tweeter Center in Mansfield go on sale. The shows are September 4th and 6th, and I’m guessing it’ll be a sell out by 10:15. So be ready to go by 9:55 unless you want to send blood money to the vultures at Ace Ticket.

Here’s another one you need to be ready for, or else pay through the nose. Jerry Seinfeld has added a third show at the Wang Theatre on Saturday April 19th. Tickets go on sale on Saturday March 15th at 10:00 AM. Like Buffett, they’ll be gone in minutes.

Of course you could go see George Carlin at the Wang on Saturday night, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Sorry, but that dude hasn’t been funny since about 1979. HBO might think he’s a genius, but I sure don’t. You could do worse though — you could go see Defending The Caveman at Calderwood Pavilion. Man, what a waste.

For video game fans, Super Smash Brothers Brawl has finally arrived. A lot of Wii’s are going to be getting a work out this week.

And oh, boy there’s a new Snoop Dogg CD available Tuesday. Maybe you can invite Snoop and George Carlin to go see Defending The Caveman with you.


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