Hope For The Future: Teens Rock For Darfur

The Memorial Day weekend will be here any minute, lots of backyard BBQ’s and hopefully plenty of sunshine. In the town of Scituate some local teens have a lot more on their plates than burgers and potato salad … they’re holding an all-day rock concert to benefit the victims of genocide in Darfur.

The concert is the brainchild of three Scituate High School juniors who are thinking globally and acting locally. Colleen Farragher, Kristine Downing, and Sydney O’Connell (pictured at left, Courtesy: Brian Nanos, Scituate Mariner) got the idea for the fundraiser while chatting with friends. That’s right, these kids were talking about an epic human tragedy on the African continent that most adults I know choose to ignore … not the latest prom fashions or how to spend that gift card at Abercrombie. More importantly that conversation led to action.

So, what’s the plan? Well on Sunday May 25th, an 8-hour concert will kick off at 2:00 pm in the Scituate High School gym. A limited number of tickets are available now at the Front Street Book Shop in Scituate Harbor for $15 (pick up a book while you’re there as well!) … they’ll be available at the door for $20. Among the bands announced for the show: Zox, Emergency Exit, Interrobang, Barefoot Truth and Rhyging.

An event of this kind takes a massive amount of planning and carries a number of expenses. Hopes for raising $10,000 will hinge on community support. Please, if your a South Shore resident … or anyone with a conscience … give this event your support. If you can’t make the show, make a donation. Show you care, and that the efforts of these young people are valued and appreciated.

In the press release on the concert, Colleen mentioned the help of two faculty members at Scituate High, Kerri Hallihan and Amanda Bird … ladies you have taught these young people well.



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  1. Thank you for highlighting our concert. I thought you might like to know that we did end up raising $10,000, but the costs of the concert amounted to around $5000. We donated all the proceeds to the Genocide Intervention Network. I appreciate that you blogged about this, even though I’m only acknowledging this more than a year later. Thank you!

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