JoBros: Pop Fireflies Live A Summer Dream

Right around dusk tonight … about the same time fireflies begin their nightly summer light show … The Jonas Brothers will take the stage at the Comcast Center in Mansfield. A collective scream of tween girl ecstasy will commence that might possibly disrupt communications with the NASA robots on Mars … the gang in the lab will just have to take the night off. A different kind of science will be at work, call it pop music alchemy.

If you’re familiar with my music taste (just dip a toe into my blog history and you’ll figure it out pretty quick), you might think I’d be itching to rip into the JBs. Not so. Too easy? Actually, no … too complex.

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas are the current standard bearers of a tradition as familiar as a catchy pop ballad. They’ve hit on just the right mixture of good tunes, good looks and good luck. Roll back a couple of years and they’re just a middle class family with dreams of finding an audience beyond 50 people in a no frills rock club. Throw in a dash of Disney and brush with Miley and suddenly the struggle is over. But now comes the hard part.

Here’s my take on the JoBros. Good guys, trying to do the right thing in a business that will first praise them to the rafters … then dump them in alley. They are not boy band puppets, they write their own stuff and play their own instruments. They remind me a lot of Hanson … another actual band of brothers, who had an amazing run before falling back to earth. The Hansons are still making music though, and I have a feeling the JoBros will do the same when the mania ends.

Oh, and it will end. It always does.

So, aren’t you going to mock the promise rings? No. Their choice. Is it just a cynical marketing ploy? I don’t really think so, and anyway they don’t make a big deal about it so why should I. Whatever.

They’re on the cover of “Rolling Stone”, isn’t that a sign of the apocalypse? Please. “Rolling Stone” has about as much rock cred as Paula Abdul’s push-up bra.

What about the whole Hannah Montana thing? Whoa, cross-over marketing, it’s never happened before. Hey, they stood up for old Miley when “Vanity Fair” tried to make a fool out of her … that showed some class.

Two years from now will it all be over? Pretty much … it has to be. Don’t shed a tear though, the JBs are smart enough to bankroll their dough. They’ll be a touchstone for an entire generation of girls … most who will never forget tonight’s concert. That’s not a bad legacy to have.

It’s like fireflies … bright, magical and fleeting.


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