Back On The Stand

Hey, I’m back.  Forgive my sparse blogging during the last few months of 2008 … maybe the collective sturm and drang of the past year finally caught up with me.  It’s 2009 … time to start fresh,

So here’s the goal … I’ll do my level best to post on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Except for reviews of particular plays, concerts, CD’s, books, TV shows (you get the idea) I’m going to try for a looser format.  I think it will be easier to post on a regular basis if I’m not trying to produce a formal “column” every time.  As always, your feedback is sincerely appreciated.

Here we go.

How about starting the year off by catching some home-grown talent on maththeir home turf.  Math The Band plays The Middle East in Cambridge on Monday (January 5).  Westford and UMass Dartmouth product Kevin Steinhauser brings his offbeat and on target geek rock cabaret to the big town.  Worth checking out if you want to say, “I saw them when…”

fleetWhat I’m listening to right now: Fleet Foxes.  Yeah, yeah I know they’re just about everyone’s darling right now … whatever.  I’m like them more, the more I listen. Little bit like The Shins … little bit like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.  Their heart is definitely in the right place.

TscrubsV worth watching: Scrubs returns on Tuesday (January 6th), but this time on ABC.  It’s a last hurrah for the original cast, and creator Bill Lawrence.  Think of this 8th season as a gift to the show’s most devoted fans.  Consistency has been a problem over the years, but few shows can make you laugh out loud, then shed a tear, like this one.

It’s just my opinion but: I don’t know about you but I can’t stand that Guy Fieri dude on The Food Network. I watch Diner’s, Drive-In’s and Dives because I love that kind of chow, and the people and places he takes you to are pretty cool.  Somehow, though, old Guy tries to make it all about him.  Order me up a Monte Cristo, but hold the Guy.


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