Tree Stand

We took down the Christmas tree over the weekend … man, you could almost taste the ennui in the air.  There is something magical about carefully putting these priceless family artifacts back in the vault for the next 11 months.  They are simple objects that carry profound memories and the fact that we only share them for a few weeks every year only adds to their mysterious power.

Okay, back to the pop culture thang.  I know money is tight, but supporting the arts is more important than ever.  I’ll try, in my oh so subtle way, to push you toward the good stuff.

Ispacedf your a fan of Brit-coms (British comedies) one that nearly didn’t make it (at least legally) to our side of the pond is Spaced.  It’s from the same folks who brought us Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz.  It helps to be a fan of geek culture, but it’s certainly not required.  Spaced is a deadpan look at a group of friends and flatmates trying to scrape together a life in 1990’s London.  Mix equal parts of Friends and The Big Bang Theory and you’ll be on the right track.  I warn you though, if you find yourself greeting your buds with a slightly slurred, “Hello Brian” after watching this 14 episode series … don’t blame me!

chinese1If you’ve ever loved the crazy rock and roll train wreck that is Guns N’ Roses … then you’re cheating yourself if you don’t give into the cheesy charm of  “Chinese Democracy.” It’s as good and bad as you’d probably hoped or feared … and totally worth the purchase.

Finally, 24 returns to Fox this month and even though I was once a fan, I’m not playing along this time.  The ridiculous torture-porn aspects of the show are so Bush-era.  We’re done with W and I’m done with 24.  I also find it incredibly disappointing that Janeane Garofalo has joined the cast … talk about dropping your principles for a paycheck.

Icherryf you do watch, cheer on Cherry Jones, an amazing theatre actress who gets the juicy role of President Allison Taylor.  Maybe I’ll cheat and watch an episode to two just to watch Cherry kick some booty.


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