Scrubs Returns: Good Thoughts

scrubs-11I’m glad ABC gave us an hour of Scrubs in it’s first appearance on the network last night.  The first episode was an unholy mess of quick character sketches sandwiched around the thinnest of plots.  Not that it didn’t have some inspired moments … the overly touchy orderly, Ted the hospital lawyer as freaky as ever … but it was pretty much a throw away.  Re-establishing the cast felt forced, does ABC really think a whole lot of new viewers are jumping on the bus?  Hardly.

This eighth, and final season with the original cast is for the true believers.  We want a curtain call, not a slow fade.  Zach Braff and Donald Faison continue to have the best bro-mance on TV as J.D. and Turk.  Their interplay is infectious, and creator Bill Lawrence has wisely kept their friendship the central theme of the show.  They’re better scripted than freelance though and that’s why the second episode of the night felt much closer to the heart … poignant-sweet instead of silly-sweet like the opener.

So what was it about episode two?  It was pretty simple, J.D. and Turk sit in a room with a dying patient, shutting out the callousness of modern medicine to connect with a fellow human being in his last moments.  They share a beer and talk about death … not the usual banter for a sit-com.  It’s beautifully capped with Ben Gibbard of  Death Cab For Cutie singing “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” on the soundtrack.  That’s the Scubs I love.

So we’ll get lots of zany comedy with guest-star Courtney Cox as the new boss of Sacred Heart in the weeks ahead.  We’ll learn if The Janitor will get his job back.  Carla and Dr. Reid will provide the ying and yang to J.D. and Turk, and Dr. Cox .. the awesome John C. McGinley … will bring the tough love needed to keep it real.  Some of it will be great … some, not so much.

But I’ll remember good thoughts, a cold beer, and Death Cab … and gladly follow Scrubs into the dark.


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  1. Courtney Cox will give Scrubs a big boost i suspect

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