Coulter Wars

Politics and pop culture are a pretty hot combo right now with much of the credit going to The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, and Saturday Night Live.  Humor is now the weapon of choice to deal with the nation’s Liberal/Conservative split, and I think it’s a healthy one.  Still, the line between what’s funny and what’s inflammatory is a fuzzy one, and standing right in the middle of that semi-toxic haze is Ann Coulter and Bill Maher.

coulterThese two politically hot-wired bloviators are coming to Boston’s Citi Performing Ats Center on March 10, as part of the Speaker Series 2009

Should this evening be considered entertainment?  Enlightenment?  Masochism?  That’s up to you to decide.  From my maher1perspective, it’s a dubious paring that will certainly enrich the bank accounts of Coulter and Maher, but not do much to advance civility, conscientiousness or class.  If you like verbal flame throwing, by all means go, but don’t fool yourself into thinking it’s anything more than political theatre.

colbertThat’s why I prefer The Colbert Report to the reality show shenanigans of the likes of Coulter and Maher.  Stephen Colbert has created a character named Stephen Colbert who can say .. or do (check out his cartoon character Tek Jansen) .. just about anything.  It’s creative, it’s intelligent, and it’s far more honest than the musings of Coulter and Maher.  Last week Colbert actually leg-wrestled with a newly elected congressman from Utah.  Hilarious.

Don’t expect any leg-wrestling at the Citi Performing Arts Center (advatage Coulter) … just a lot of posing and flexing.


One Response

  1. The Liberal-Conservative split is a “Pay per View” battle royal. Ann “I’ll say anything to make a controversy” Coulter is prostituting herself for a buck against any Liberal organization or celebrity who will respond like a Pavlovian Dog to her childish taunts. The established Liberal talkers are more than happy to ablige just to get a check and keep the movement exactly where it is…stuck in the sewer with Ann. How long will we allow greed to succeed?

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