Lost Returns: Trying To Make The Best Of Both Worlds

lost-logoLost is back tonight (9:00 PM Channel 5/ABC), and for fans of well written, well acted, just plain top-notch dramatic, series television that is a very good thing.  Unless you just can’t get enough of Howie Mandel, you might have noticed that this isn’t exactly the golden age of scripted TV.  Lost is a very expensive series to make, and it’s worth every penny.

So, tonight Season 5 begins, and there’s just one more after that.  Like it or not, it all comes to an end in May 2010.  For the most part, knowing that an end is in sight has been a good thing for the series.  Much of Season 2 and 3 got caught up in padding and nonsense.  Once the writers got the word that a wrap-up date had been set everything snapped back into sharper focus.  Last year’s finale of Season 4 split the cast into two camps, two worlds actually, the present … and the island.

jackWithout getting into a lot of plot summary, tonight’s 2 hour premiere will be like jump-starting a car on an ice cold morning.  We’ll be jolted back to the fact that the survivors who escaped the island, will now be going back.  If you’re a fan of Jack, played by Matthew Fox, getting him back to the tropics is cause for celebration.  He’s a miserable, substance abusing bore in the “real world.”  At least on the island he carries the banner of heroic dignity.

Tdesmondhings are even more complicated for my favorite character, Desmond, played by Henry Ian Cusick, now that he’s been reunited with his lost love, Penny … what’s his motivation for plunging back in?  With all the skulduggery tied to Penny’s Dad, you know the writers won’t have too tough a job cooking up a reason.

One other thing about Desmond and Penny (who I should mention is winningly played by Sonya Walger) last season’s episode called “The Constant” … for me anyway … was the absolute high point of the series so far.  It was a time-bending sonnet to human connection and the power of love.  The life affirming point of it all?  If you have just one person who believes in you completely and selflessly, then anything is possible … and time, space and distance can never change that.

That is the power and promise of Lost.  I hope we’ll find more moments like that in the episodes ahead.


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