Dancing With The Pols

mccainNews item: Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, considered taking part in an upcoming edition of Dancing With The Stars.  The former Republican presidential nominee spilled the beans to talk show host Larry King the other night.  He also pointed out that Cindy recently had knee replacement surgery.  “Well, we discussed it,” he told King. “But we decided it just was not a good idea.”

Good call kids.  That show is as grueling as it is addictive, and I think you two deserve a little time off.  Let the DWTS producers chase after Todd Palin on his snow machine … maybe they can sign him up.

obamaI can’t speak for their spouses, but for the most part, our political leaders do their best dancing off the floor.  Even our new president proved he isn’t exactly Patrick Swayze at the Inaugural Ball.  Did you see his first dance with the first lady?  He was stiff as a board.  I couldn’t believe it … he dances worse than I do!  I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

Malia and Sasha you have a new White House mission.  Teach dad some moves!  It’s for the good of the nation.  Michelle you have to take some responsibility for this too.  Get Bruno Tonioli on the phone, lock the doors to the ballroom and get to work.

dancing-judgesI gotta say, dancing is truly the great equalizer.  You can be the most put together person in the world, but when the music kicks in, and you’re expected to move with it, there’s just no place to hide.  I feel your pain Mr. President.

dancing-logoDWTS returns to ABC in March, but the list of contestants remains a secret.  There’s talk that Olympic beach volleyball gold medalist Misty May-Treanor will get another shot after having to drop out because of an injury last season.  Sherri Shepherd of The View is also a possibility … so is Kevin Federline, the former Mr. Britney Spears.  “Yo, K-Fed make sure you got laces in those high tops.”

Good luck to them.

I’ll close this blog with three words … Carrie Ann Inaba.

There’s just something magical  about saying Carrie Ann Inaba … makes you feel like you can dance.


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