Super Bruce: Full Throttle In Halftime Gig

bruce-btrIt started with a classic silhouette: Bruce and the Big Man … black and white, music with muscle, just like ’75.  So, with a 12 minute limit, what a surprise to hear the horns from “Tenth Avenue Freeze Out” … an epic Jersey Shore jam that can go on for 15 minutes in a typical Springsteen concert.  And the Boss turned it loose too … yeah, he made some subtle cuts, but he still let Clarence rip through a tasty sax solo.  Very cool.

Then right into “Born To Run” … and again, not just a verse and a chorus … almost the entire classic, sung with energy and purpose.  Bruce bolted from one end of the stage to the other, sliding smack into a camera-person and bouncing back up with smile straight off the playground.  So much fun.

Of course, these two beefy versions really took a bite out of the clock.  So quickly, gears were shifted to a gospel-choir infused version of the brand new “Working On A Dream” … short and sweet (it’s for the best).  Then a bow to the biggest sports audience of the year with “Glory Days” … lyrically altered to reflect football rather than baseball, but it didn’t feel gimmicky.  The good natured goofing with Steve Van Zandt was pitch perfect E Street.

And then it was over.  Short, sweet, but plenty satisfying.

A few random thoughts:

Did you worry the woman in the red camisole might steal the show?

Do you remember the old fitness guy Jack LaLanne?  In a weird way didn’t Bruce sort of remind you of him in this performance?

Of course he yelled out, “Is there anybody alive out there!”

I though Patti Scialfa looked radiant.

Is Roy Bittan morphing into Paul Shaffer?

Bruce bellowed out at the end, “I’m going to Disneyland.”  Boss, you’re in Florida son, it’s Disney World.

Ya think a few Springsteen tracks will be snapped up on iTunes this week?

Oh yeah, as for my predictions for the halftime set list from a couple of weeks ago … well, I got “Born To Run” and Working On A Dream” right.  That’s pretty much what I do with lottery numbers … two.  Sorry, no money … better luck next time.


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  1. Best Half Time Show Evah!!!!!!

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