Bale Storm

baleHey Christian, maybe it’s time to try the decaf!

Yes, we all bow low to your mighty acting abilities, oh great one, but there’s apparently one character you’re incapable of playing… a human being.

The uproar over Bale’s meltdown on the the set of Terminator:Salvation is quickly becoming the stuff of internet legend thanks to  (think Alex Baldwin on his daughter’s cell phone … times 10).

So have you heard it?  If you haven’t here’s the link … (don’t worry, I’ll be here when you get back).  Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, it’s chock full of mind blowing profanity so I’m linking you to the edited version.

So, wasn’t that informative?

This, my friends is what happens when talented people lose all perspective on who .. and what .. they really are.  News flash for Christian Bale … you’re an actor chucklehead.  You’re not a doctor working to cure cancer, or a teacher giving kids the gift of reading, or even a carpenter building shelter from the storm.  You’re an entertainer, ludicrously over-payed, and void of any sense of humility or gravitas.

Don’t get me wrong, acting is an honorable profession … a true art, and Bale is tremendously gifted.  That doesn’t give him the right to pull a hissy fit on his co-workers or anyone else.  Funny how a guy who makes his living with words can only come up with the f-bomb when he doesn’t have a script in his hand.

I had several thoughts listening to the audio clip.  I desperately wanted cinematographer Shane Hurlbut to stand up for himself.  Dude, you screwed up and made your apology … but there’s only so much abuse a person can take.  Don’t lower yourself to his level, but at least walk away and let him stew in his own putrid juice.

And what about the director?  Hey McG, you were there … you’re supposed to be the grown up on the set.  Do something.  Say something.  Actually be a professional.  What a farce.

Bale clearly has anger management issues (ask mom and sis) … but a lifetime of being pampered an enabled has an ugly price.  Yes, Christian you’ve proven you can deliver simmering angst (see The Dark Knight and American Psycho), but how much of a stretch is it for you?  Try going to your happy place for a bit … or will you just pull the wings off butterflies?

So, it’s an internet shaming you’ve asked for … and it’s an internet shaming you’ll get.  Forget about the scarlet letter, it’s now letters … TMZ.


2 Responses

  1. 1st off can I just say that in an age when we can get info at the drop of a hat it’s pretty sad when the media is/has to report on something that happened months ago (that’s tight folks this happened in July). Next, why the HELL is this getting WAY blown out of proportion? Mike let me ask you, what are you like on a day when you’re exhausted, overworked and basically having the day from hell…my guess is you’re no angel nor someone ANYONE would want to be around, like most of all of us. Now put this into a day of shooting and reshooting for an actor who is probably exhausted and just wanting 5 minutes to regroup so that he can mellow and add in a crew member who’s not paying attention and walks into a scene and you have what happened to Christian Bale. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE.

    • Raynee, I can assure you that even on my worst day, I would never behave the way Bale did. Even he now admits he acted like a “punk.” I’m also well aware that this incident happened last July … so what? It didn’t become public until last week. Listen, Bale acted like a jerk … and got called on it. He apologized. Fine, time to move on … but I stand by everything I wrote in the blog.

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