Pumped For Stump

stumpHe’s a gentleman of a certain age.  70 if he belonged to the curious breed known as Homo sapiens … but Stump the Sussex Spaniel proved a very important point by winning Best in Show at Westminster last night, age and experience do count for something.

Vertically challenged, not exactly buff … but man, what great hair … Stump is truly a dog for these trying times.  No fancy French Poodle was going to walk away with top honors in this economic slump.  What was called for was a steady, determined, loving and loyal companion … and Stump sure fit the bill.

I’m a dog a lover, and one of my favorite books on the subject is “The Roger Caras Dog Book.”  Caras, you might remember was once a special correspondent for ABC News, and also the voice of Westminster before his untimely death.  His book was first published in 1980, and here’s what Caras had to say about the Sussex Spaniel at the time.

The Sussex Spaniel is a slow, not terribly elegant animal who is intelligent and deliberate in everything he does.  He has not caught on in this country because he is not stylish looking enough to fascinate the show enthusiast.  Because he is slow and steady, neither mean nor silly, and because his is eminently trainable, the Sussex Spaniel holds real promise as a companion animal in this country.

Roger, I know you were at Westminster in spirit last night … and I know you were smiling.

Too bad the Sussex isn’t hypo-allergenic … the breed could have been a great choice for the White House pooch.  Not to worry, Stump will still be an inspiration for the nation as we battle our way through the recession.

I find it quite interesting … and inspirational … that the two hottest guys in the country right now are (sorry Mr. President) Stump and Miracle on the Hudson pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger.  A few miles on the odometer, but comin’ through in the clutch.

Seems “silver” suddenly has the golden touch.


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