Getting My Grouch On For Oscar

oscar-abcIt’s arguably the Super Bowl of pop culture, but like everything else in these recessionary times, expect a very toned down Academy Awards come Sunday night.

The fashions tamer. The production numbers lamer.

Lots of talk about art … when it’s really about Paul Blart.

Hugh Jackman, an amiable host.  Chris Rock, exiled to a far flung post.

Bouquets for Obama … while the Orange County right wing goes crying to their mama.

Big cheers.  Crocodile tears.  Man, do I need a beer.

Anyway, even thought I haven’t seen all the nominated films I feel perfectly qualified to offer my Oscar predictions.  The selection process isn’t to be taken seriously, nor should the final outcomes.  It’s mostly about keeping the dream factory properly primed and running.  So, here goes.

Picture: Slumdog Millionaire (Bollywood shines as Hollywood over reaches)

Actor: Mickey Rourke (Playing himself, and selling the drama)

Actress: Meryl Streep (’cause Meryl always wins and Kate Winslet is becoming the Susan Lucci of the Oscars)

Supporting Actor: Heath Ledger (Much deserved … and such a tragic waste)

Supporting Actress: Viola Davis (Proof that one big scene is sometimes all you need)

Best Director: Danny Boyle (Slumdog is the only film in the running with any kind of buzz and excitement)

Having tried my hand at screenplay writing you’d think that I’d have strong opinions about that category … I’ve got three words for you on that one: Matt and Ben.  Yeah, writing is such a cherished craft in Hollywood.  (Did that sound bitter?  Gosh, I hope so!)

Will I watch?  Yes.

Will I wretch?  Yes.

Will I dream of putting one of those over-hyped bookends on my mantle one day?


The Academy Awards can be seen on ABC TV (WCVB, Channel 5 in Boston) beginning at 8:00 PM on Sunday February 22.


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