Misery For Sale

So who’s the bigger lowlife?  The LAPD insider who undoubtedly released the picture of a beaten woman (who, very much, appears to be the pop singer Rihanna) … or the TMZ .com website for publishing it? 

According to a statement released by police officials, “The photograph has the appearance of one take during an official Domestic Violence investigation.” 

It’s a grim and heartbreaking image, the battered and bruised face of a woman with her eyes closed, with the transparent letters of TMZ superimposed over her face.  The editors, clearly proud of their exclusive.

So how did the photo end up in the hands of the TMZ crowd?  A respected colleague of mine suggests viewing the Courtney Cox cable TV series “Dirt”for answers to that question.  In any case, TMZ went with it, which is just what  Harvey Levin and company are paid to do.

rihannaSo, what exactly went down between Rihanna and Chris Brown on that night before the Grammy Awards?  Doesn’t look like it’ll take any incredible sleuthing skills to figure it out.  She’s not talking, at least to the press.  He says he’s “sorry and saddened” over what happened.  At least the avalanche of coverage is good for one thing … this case won’t get swept under the rug.  

In their statement, the LAPD says the unauthorized release of the photo is “considered serious misconduct, with penalties up to and including termination.”


Unlike what happened to Rihanna.


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