Elton And Billy: Prilosec & Razor Blades

e-and-j2Have you heard the radio ads for this summer’s Elton John/Billy Joel concert at Gillette Stadium?  They’re really funny because they have the feel of a Monster Truck event.

“The Piano Man!”  “The Rocket Man!” “Live!”

They should have added, “Twin pianos … double the thrills!  Or maybe, “Key smashing, bench clearing action!”

Seriously, I have great affection for both Elton and Billy … but do you really want to see them from the upper deck at Gillette?  Does everyone in the graying fan base get a pack of “Prilosec” and a box of “Fusion” blades as a door prize?

Some acts are made for the stadium … Metallica, U2Bruce Springsteen, Antony And The Johnsons ( oh, relax you navel gazers) … Elton and Billy are better suited for a concert hall, but when you can sell a gazillion tickets you need a mega venue.  That’s great for E and B and the promoters … not so wonderful for the folks stuck in row QQQ.  

Still, it you want to relive the magic … or just get some idea of what the fuss is all about, Elton and Billy will put on a show.  You may never get to see Billy banging out “Captain Jack” on a beat up upright in a barroom … or Elton digging deep for the heartbreak of “Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters” from less than a quarter mile away … but if you do go to Gillette you will see two of the planet’s most talented songwriters together on one stage.  That’s something.

Maybe that announcer should bellow, “Ballads, ballads, ballads!”  Or, “How much sax can you stand?!”

Anyway, the concert is July 18th.  Tickets go on sale Saturday at 10:00 AM.


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