Lost: The Seasoning Of Sawyer


According to the nickname generator on the Lost website, Sawyer would call me “El Docko” if we spent some time on the island together.  El Docko?!  Random … but I think I like it.

I’m liking Sawyer a lot more this season too … in fact, at this point he pretty much is Season V.  What used to be the “Jack” show is now centered on our con man with the southern drawl.  He’s also known as “LaFleur” now because of the show’s confusing, but fascinating time warp story line.  His character arc has also taken him from selfish tom cat, to thoughtful leader.

So, how the heck did the writers pull this off?  First, let’s give some major props to actor Josh Holloway.  He was great at playing the bad boy, hunk for the first couple of seasons, but it sure wasn’t a stretch.  He was the anti-Jack, selfish, arrogant, and on the make.  Now Jack has devolved into a whiny, self-absorbed drama queen (man, who did Matthew Fox tick off on the writing staff) … and Sawyer (or James, Jim, LaFleur) has become the show’s alpha male.

Suddenly it’s Sawyer who has the steady relationship with the soulful but weary Juliet … it’s Sawyer who’s trying to build bridges to the island’s splintered factions … it’s Sawyer who’s trying to find humanity and order in the chaos.  That’s a major turnaround from his days of shoot first and ask questions later.

One of the things that has kept me a Lost fan through some of the show’s ebb tides, is its ability to change focus without grinding the story to a halt.  Not all the side stories have worked, forgive me but was anything more annoying than the Charlie/Claire duo?  Okay, Michael/Walt you got me!  I’m a big fan of the Desmond/Penny romance, but that seems to have been moved to the back burner (best Lost episode of all time is still “The Constant” from Season IV).  Then there’s the two “L’s” … Locke and Linus.  You kinda get the feeling that it’s all going to come down to these guys in the end.

But that’s for another blog.  Right now we’re here to sing Sawyer’s praises, and the real lift his character transformation has given Lost.  If you’ve fallen a few episodes behind take a tip from El Docko, head on over to ABC.com and catch up quickly on what is still network TV’s premiere drama.

There’s a new episode tonight at 9:00 PM.



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