When Talent Triumphs: Singer Susan Boyle Stuns Even Simon

susan-boyle1She’s from a small village in Scotland.

She’s in her late forties, and admits she’s never been kissed.

Her cat, “Pebbles” is the closest thing she has to a significant other.

And Susan Boyle just may be the breakout singing star of 2009!

She’s already done something many thought impossible … stunning Simon Cowell into silence with the power of her voice.

Let me give you a little backstory.  “Britain’s Got Talent” is the United Kingdom’s equivalent of “American Idol.”  Like here, Simon Cowell is one of the judges … and, like here, the show thrives on its assortment of colorful contestants.

This past weekend, Susan Boyle got her shot.  As you might have guessed from the picture at the top of this blog, our girl Susan doesn’t exactly fit the current mold for pop culture princess.

She’s too old.

She’s too frumpy.

She’s too awkward.

She walked on stage to audible snickers, and camera cutaways showed audience members rolling their eyes.

And then she started to sing … and not just any song, but “I Dreamed A Dream” from the musical “Les Miserables.”  It’s a song of heartbreaking beauty and longing, and requires both vocal range and inner passion to make it work.  In the wrong hands it can be a disaster.  In Susan’s it was magic.

The unexpected power of the moment brought everyone who witnessed it to their feet.  This amazing woman, pouring her entire soul into a song that seems so far beyond her personal experience … and yet she captured it perfectly.  A complete triumph of talent over superficial packaging.

It’s so rare when a pop culture moment can actually make the world feel like a warmer, more caring, better place.  In these difficult times, Susan Boyle gives us all a chance to dream again.

Here’s a link to YouTube so you can watch it yourself.



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