Dame Edna: Hub Gets Royal Treatment From Queen Of Quips

dameedna_photo211Rodgers and Hammerstein got it right in “South Pacific” all those years ago … there is nothing like a dame.  Especially when the lady in question is a purple-haired, cabaret queen who can launch a thousand quips in one giddy evening of old school comedy.  This may be Marathon weekend in Boston, but Dame Edna Everage is turning it into a drag race!

She’s calling this one, “My First Last Tour”  … and that makes about as much sense as anything in the warped and wonderful world of Dame Edna.  The show begins with one of those sleazy cable TV biographies playing on a big screen.  We’re treated to the scorched earth tale of Dame Edna’s rise to mega-stardom, before the big gal herself, stops the proceedings cold to (a) set the record straight and (b) pretty much confirm every word.

Bespectacled, bedazzled and taking no prisoners, Dame Edna then launches into a comedy routine that is a loosely scripted, mish-mash of audience inspired hi-jinks and musical comedy bon bons.  She has her amiable musical director Andrew Ross on piano, and from time to time, her reprobate daughter “Valmai” … played to the low comedy hilt by Erin-Kate Whitcomb … at her beck and call.  It’s nothing groundbreaking or particularly innovative, but in the hands of Dame Edna, it’s also nothing short of hilarious.

dame-edna-resizedSo what is this show all about?  Honestly, it’s just a chance to forget your troubles for a couple of hours and laugh louder, and longer than you probably have in a good long time.  Dame Edna snipes away at everything from late arriving audience members to current celebrity misadventures … Madonna receives a particularly good skewering. 

At one point she pulls four audience members on stage for a kooky talk show routine that’s best described as Jiminy Glick meets Jimmy Fallon.  Again, just sheer silliness, but delightful none the less.

Dame Edna is only at the Colonial Theatre through Sunday, so don’t think about too much … just go!  With any luck you have Monday off, so no matter what show you catch it will be part of a weekend celebration.  Maybe you’ll even snag a gladiola at the end of the show. 

Dame Edna is a rare treasure, and you’ve got to give her credit for dragging around Aussie actor Barry Humphries with her to keep her fabulous frocks pressed.  He keeps mostly out of sight … a wise plan when surrounded by the grandeur that is Dame Edna.

Tickets are available at The Colonial Theatre box office and through the Broadway Across America website.

Have fun “possums” as the Dame would say.



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